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Learning is a lifelong process. School is a facilitator in this never-ending process cultivating a desire for knowledge and a lifelong habit of learning allowing individuals to adapt to this fluid world. Given, students spend a considerable number of hours at school, it is an avenue for them to evolve individually, socially and ethically. Aristotle's timeless wisdom continues to resonate profoundly in the sphere of education even today: "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." We firmly believe that for a true education to be effective, students must develop both their minds and hearts to prepare not only for academic success but also for a caring, responsible, and morally upright life. At Inspiration we strongly believe in holistic approach to further the moral and emotional compass of the students.

With a forward-looking mindset we at Inspiration try to incessantly adapt and improve our curriculum. Through extracurricular activities, mentorship programs and provision of global platforms like the British Council we cater to student’s diverse learning styles and holistic development. Our school aligns its practices with the New Education Policy’s vision by prioritizing inclusive education, ecological sensitivity and technological integration.

By the means of scholastic, co-scholastic activities and keeping abreast with the values of inclusion, we motivate and empower our students to be open-minded, responsible citizens and inspirational contributors of the society.

Let us join hands in grooming the young minds so that may take the path of life successfully.

Dr. Geetika Balutia

Inspiration Sr. Sec. School, a seat of
learning is much cherished dream of a
great pioneer a devoted and leading...
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