‘Learn by fun’ technique always proves fruitful. Therefore Abacus, also called a ‘counting frame’ was well adopted for doing calculations in primary classes.

e-Care Mobile App: - In a jet spaced era when technological developments rule the roost, we the educators cannot remain untouched by this huge advancement and change, in fact in order to make education realistic and practical, introduction of new technology in schools is simply mandatory. So-E-Care services (Mobile App) provided by the school accomplish the task where it bridges the gap between parents and child, school and parents by updating all about the school activities, syllabus as well as by detailing the academic and behavioral wellbeing of the child through Mobile app which is designed to run on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers.

French Classes: - The school owes the love and respect for not only the Indian culture or Indian languages but it is also extended outside the national boundaries, so giving respect to the foreign languages the ‘French classes were introduced as an additional language in the school for classes IV-VIII. The students were seen exuberant and excited to learn a new language.’

Labs (Science, Computer, Maths):- Theoretical knowledge is incomplete without Practical knowledge. We feel very essential for all students to be computer literate, scientifically educated and calculatedly excelled, therefore well-equipped laboratories for Computer, Science & Mathematics respectively are provided where the students bring their learning into practice and explore the knowledge.

Library: - The school has a spacious, very well stocked, open shelf library cum resource centre designed to encourage children to develop an interest in variety of subjects and to allow the facility of research and in depth study. Students are encouraged to use the library and carry out reference work.

Maths Lab: - Mathematics lab has been set up by NIIT, Delhi. In addition to the different learning outcomes ensured by the software, Geometer’s sketchpad is the tool to take the imagination and creativity of the child to a level beyond imagination.

Play station: - Along with providing opportunities for developing mental skills the school also focuses on the value of entertainment and recreation. Therefore a new play-station has been erected for Nur-V which help the children to develop Physical endurance while have fun-filled activities.

Sportathon: -The school firmly believes on the fact that ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body,’ so the sports are never neglected and they are well included in the school’s curriculum. Sportathon is an activity based curriculum in sports for Nursery to class V. The equipments one age appropriate and colorful specified for particular skill and meet all safety standards.

The school offers facilities for varieties of games and sports like Physical Training Athletics, Gymnastics, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Kho-Kho and Badminton. Various interschool and inter house sports activities are organized by school from time to time which enhance the physical, cultural and moral development of the students.


  • Personality Transformation Program By Twin Win, New Delhi.
  • Workshops By Authors, Columnists of leading English newspapers, IAS Officers, MBA Degree Holders from Foreign Universities.
  • Career Counseling By Career Experts of national repute.
  • Vedic Mathematics Classes.
  • Aptitude Building Programs.
  • Faculty Development Programs.
  • Special Parenting Workshops For Parents.
  • Workshops On Theatre And Drama By Experts.
  • Website: www.twinwinindia.com

VEDIC MATHS:-To make our students excel in mathematics calculations Vedic Maths was well included in the school curriculum. It helped the students to do their calculations easier and faster. Students learnt it through fun and adopted this new way of doing calculations whole heartedly.

TeachNext :- School is equipped with digital classes provided by TeachNext technologies. Audio-Visual Classes are provided to students specially to small kids so that they can grasp the things easily.

In order to fully obtain the cognitive benefits of a music class, the school provides a wide variety of musical instruments like Harmonium, Tabla, Guitar, Kitar, Keyboard, Flute, Drum Kit, Djembe, Saxophone, Melodica, Hudka, to choose from and pursue as a hobby. Students learn them during their music lessons and hobby classes.

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