The basis of discipline lies in the posture encouragement, praise and rewards for efforts, achievements and actions four pupils. High standards of behaviour manners and dress are expected at all times and are built on a solid foundation of mutual respect between staff and pupils and a curriculum that is well matched to the needs of the pupils.

This school is dedicated to excellence and innovations and aims to develop an all round personality of its students in all its intellectual, emotional and spiritual manifestations. The School has adopted an integrated curriculum that encompasses mental and cognitive growth along with a futuristic vision, based on a global out look.

We are moving towards the future knowledge based society in a planned manner for which an IT policy and systematic approach to training being deliberated upon. I am confident that school will integrate with the national policy on globalization and creation of knowledge.

Children are given to us by parents on loan for a very short period of time. They come to us the packets of seeds with no guarantees. We do not know what they will look like, act like or have the potential to become. Our job like the gardeners’ is to meet their need as best as we can. To give proper nourishment, love, attention, caring and to hope for the best.

School has been successfully meeting its aim of preparing students academically, physically and mentally for entry into this competitive world and bringing public education within the reach of common man.

The school has who been serving the nation by successfully shaping the youth of the country and instilling in them values of discipline, patriotism and nation building.

Mr. Anurag Mathur

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