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Uttarakhand Diwas Celebration
  • Event Date: 09-Nov-2022
  • Updated On: 09-Nov-2022
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Description: ‘Uttarakhand is the place where you see the real heaven.’ Inspiration School saluted the spirit of Uttarakhand and celebrated 22nd foundation day of the state on Nov’09, 2022 with full fervor and pomp. The state originally called Uttaranchal and popularly known as ‘Devbhoomi’ or ‘Land of Gods’, came into existence on 9 Nov’ 2000, and it was renamed as Uttarakhand only in the year 2007. The event was witnessed by the school heads, Dr. Geetika Balutia (Chairperson of IPS), Mr. Anurag Mathur (Principal of IPS) and Mrs. Mamta Taneja (Vice Principal of IPS) along with the staff and the students. The purpose of celebrating the day was to make the school children familiar with their own culture and tradition. In this era of ‘Internet’, when the youngsters are inclined to aping the foreign culture, it is very important to remind them of their own rich culture and tradition. The day was marked by a special assembly where in the students were briefed and reintroduced with the glorious past and rich tradition of the state. The students presented a colourful cultural programme comprising of melodious songs, elegant dance performance, beautiful poems that enthralled the audience and set the mood for celebration. The exhibition and display of traditional attire of Uttarakhand by more than 100 pairs of tinytots was a real show-stopper. The staff contributed their share of celebration by putting up food-stalls of fine and mouth watering ‘Kumauni delicacies’ which in turn added more flavor to the day. The Chairperson Dr. Geetika Balutia, in her speech stressed on the necessity and importance to retain and respect one’s identity and culture. She also encouraged the students to not forget their past, to remember the echoes of the unsung heroes of the state and contribute in the development of the nation.

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