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(Class 2-B) Solo Dance Competition
Description: Dance is a beautiful art form consisting of sequences of movements, either improvised or selected purposefully. It not only relaxes your body but soothes your soul, too. Dance is a sort of meditation, it is finding yourself. Inspiration mentors are true believers of the capabilities of their children, and with perseverance, mentors planned a solo dance competition for classes Nursery to fifth to give them a free space where they can breathe in this pandemic and develop a platform to move freely. The stage was their own home. Children when part of extracurricular activities enjoy the most and it is the responsibility of every mentor to give them wings to fly wherever possible. Enthusiasm and joy overflowed with the level of participation and we are glad to see that talent has no boundaries. It is an art of self-expression, too which children showed through various forms. When children feel like they can freely express themselves, they can then begin to explore their interests and strengths. Keep Exploring Young Ones!!! The winners from 2-B are- 1st- Vihaan Joshi, Shrishti Aagri, 2nd- Shivakshi Prakash, 3rd- Chahat Papola, Consolation- Aradhya Kohli, Pratuysh Bisht.

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