Teaching Staff
Sn. Name Designation Date of Appointment Trained/Untrained Probation/Confirmed
1 Mr. Sanjeev Stephen Principal 01-May-20 Trained Probation
2 Ms. Rashmi Anand Vice-Principal 01-Apr-20 Trained Probation
3 Ms. Mamta Taneja Academic Head 23-Oct-17 Trained Confirmed
4 Dr. Geetika Srivastav Counselor 01-Apr-19 Trained Probation
5 Ms. Kavita Bisht Pre-Primary 01-Oct-11 Untrained Confirmed
6 Ms. Damini Kapoor Pre-Primary 02-Apr-18 Untrained Probation
7 Ms. Leela Raikhwal Pre-Primary 31-Jul-19 Trained Probation
8 Ms Indra Joshi PRT 10-Nov-00 Trained Confirmed
9 Ms Rita Rathaur PRT 01-Apr-11 Trained Confirmed
10 Ms Sunita Miyan PRT 01-Apr-11 Trained Confirmed
11 Ms. Ritika Bora PRT 06-Aug-13 Trained Confirmed
12 Ms. Sangeeta Kholiya PRT 01-Apr-11 Trained Confirmed
13 Ms. Rinki Bisht PRT 04-Apr-13 Trained Confirmed
14 Ms. Radha Pilkhwal PRT 14-Nov-14 Untrained Confirmed
15 Ms. Parul Agrawal PRT 01-Apr-16 Untrained Confirmed
16 Ms. Mariya Haseen PRT 29-Jun-17 Trained Confirmed
17 Ms. Harjinder Kaur PRT 03-Jul-17 Trained Confirmed
18 Ms. Manpreet Kaur Nagpal PRT 15-Oct-18 Trained Probation
19 Ms. Deepika Bisht PRT 09-Oct-17 Trained Confirmed
20 Ms. Roopali Mukherji PRT 11-Jan-20 Untrained Probation
21 Ms. Bhawna Kafaltia PRT 01-Nov-17 Trained Confirmed
22 Ms. Neetu Tiwari PRT 01-Nov-17 Trained Confirmed
23 Ms. Renu Gujral PRT 16-Jul-18 Trained Confirmed
24 Ms. Pooja Joshi PRT 23-Jul-18 Untrained Probation
25 Ms. Himani Tiwari PRT 10-Aug-19 Trained Probation
26 Ms. Priyanka Sharma TGT 09-Nov-16 Trained Confirmed
27 Ms. Haripriya Tiwari TGT 01-Apr-15 Trained Confirmed
28 Mrs. Priyanka Agarwal TGT 03-Apr-12 Trained Confirmed
29 Ms. Rashmi Bhatt TGT 01-Apr-15 Trained Confirmed
30 Ms. Shikha Solomon TGT 01-Jul-15 Trained Confirmed
31 Ms. Kamlesh Sangwan TGT 23-Jan-17 Trained Confirmed
32 Ms. Meenu Maurya TGT 01-Apr-17 Trained Confirmed
33 Ms. Radha Bhatt TGT 01-Apr-17 Trained Confirmed
34 Ms. Santosh Gaurav Rawat TGT 09-Oct-18 Trained Probation
35 Mr. Robin Kumar Arya TGT 01-Apr-19 Trained Probation
36 Mr. Amit Mehta TGT 01-Apr-19 Trained Probation
37 Ms. Twinkle Dalakoti TGT 09-Aug-19 Untrained Probation
38 Ms. Gayatri Balutia PGT 03-Mar-03 Trained Confirmed
39 Ms. Bhawna Bhatt PGT 03-May-13 Trained Confirmed
40 Mrs. Nisha Kandpal PGT 01-Apr-10 Trained Confirmed
41 Mr. Deep Ch. Joshi PGT 01-Aug-15 Trained Confirmed
42 Mr. Sumeet Dass PGT 10-Apr-15 Trained Confirmed
43 Mr. Sanjeev Malkani PGT 09-Oct-18 Trained Confirmed
44 Mrs. Madhumita Das PGT 17-Oct-11 Trained Confirmed
45 Ms. Smita Pant PGT 23-Apr-14 Trained Confirmed
46 Mr. Jeevan Chandra Bhatt PGT 17-Apr-17 Trained Confirmed
47 Mr. Jeevan Ch. Joshi PGT 08-Jul-15 Trained Confirmed
48 Mr. Mukesh Chandra Tiwari PGT 14-Nov-17 Trained Confirmed
49 Mr. Vishal Kalra PGT 26-Mar-18 Trained Confirmed
50 Mr. Pawan Joshi PGT 16-Jul-18 Untrained Probation
51 Mr. Bhaskar Satyawali PGT 31-Jul-18 Untrained Probation
52 Mr. Manmohan Joshi PGT 30-Jul-19 Untrained Probation
53 Mr. Mahendra Singh Mehra PGT 16-Sep-19 Trained Probation
54 Ms. Pallavi Rawat PTI 09-Jul-12 Trained Confirmed
55 Mr. Ankit Rai PTI 05-Apr-18 Trained Probation
56 Mr. Sanjay Goswami Music Teacher 29-Aug-14 Trained Confirmed
57 Ms. Neeru Goel Art Teacher 21-Apr-14 Trained Confirmed
58 Ms. Shashi Singh Art Teacher 16-Apr-16 Trained Probation
59 Ms. Ayushi Kanwal Yoga Teacher 01-Aug-17 Trained Confirmed
60 Mr. Manoj Pandey Music Teacher 01-Aug-17 Trained Confirmed
61 Ms. Richa Verma Art Teacher 16-Oct-17 Trained Confirmed
62 Ms. Neha Bagdwal Pre-Primary 11-Nov-19 Trained Probation

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